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October 15, 2006
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Cat TF

My alarm woke me up 30 minutes too late and I knew it was going to be a bad day.  Last night had been pretty bad, so I hoped that today couldn’t be any worse.  Last night, I had gotten drunk at a friends house, I had kicked this old lady’s cat after my girlfriend found me drunk for the fifth time that week.  Sure, in retrospect, it was an awful thing to do, but at the time… I was drunk; it was the best thing I could do.
Well, anyway, after I had kicked the cat, the owner came up and slapped me.  That seemed to knock some sense into me.  I tried to apologize as best as I could, and she seemed to be buying my story.  She later gave me that old lady sympathy look that they all give so well.  She reached into her purse and handed me a mint.  I’m pretty sure that even if I was sober, I still would have found it weird, but I took it nonetheless.  She got her cat and quickly walked away.  I turned around and started to head home.  I opened the mint and put it in my mouth.  I swallowed the flavor.  It tasted horrible.  I went over to my nearest trashcan and spat it out.  I got undressed and went to bed.

My alarm woke me up 30 minutes too late and I knew it was going to be a bad day. I stood up and got dressed. I didn’t have work today, so I didn’t bother showering.   I sighed as I had a massive itch on my back.  I bent my arms back over to reach it and dug my fingers in my skin to try and get rid of the itch faster.  Pain suddenly shot through my back like a stab wound.  I jerked my hands back and looked at my fingers.  My fingernails had darkened and gotten longer.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I must have been hallucinating.  No more than five seconds after that thought, I watched in horror as my fingers began to shrink into my hand and saw faint pads growing on my palms.  My breath had stopped short.  I felt the changes spread down to my feet.  I looked down.

Oh great… the one night I fall asleep with my shoes on…

Claws began to tear their way through my shoes as fur started to cover my hand.  I stood up at the foot of my bed and watched as the grey and white fur pattern started to cover my body.  I tore off my shirt with surprising ease.  The pattern was covering every part of my body.

I’m turning into a… cat.

“Help Me!”  I cried.  I looked at my mouth and saw small whiskers push their way through my skin.  I felt my teeth as my fingers continued to shape themselves into small paws.  My canines had gotten reasonably sharper and I saw that my thumbs started to move back and become useless.  I heard a bone snap as both of my new paws were now complete.  The same pads could be felt on my feet to as the claws from the rips in my shoes got darker.  My ears started to move upwards and soon rested on the top of my head.  My feet started to change again.  My feet felt like they were merging together and I felt one of my toes shrink into my foot.  I reached with both of my paws and tried desperately to get my shoes off.  One of them was able to come off.  I looked at my now ripped up sock as cat paws were in place of my feet.
“SOMEONE!! PLEASE, HELP ME!”  I cried again.  I looked at my other foot as the paws burst their way through most of my shoe.  Tears began to fill in my eyes.  My body that I had known for 22 years was changing into an animal within 10 minutes.
My heels started to move upward on my legs.  I used my front paws to hold on to my bookshelf that lay no more than a foot away from my bed and try and hold my balance.  
I looked in front of me and noticed that the room was… getting bigger?  No.  I was shrinking.  My bones started to snap as everything was getting smaller.  I soon felt my spine stretch and extend.  I heard a rip from the back of my pants.  A second later, I heard something land against the floor.  Still holding one paw on the bookcase, I used my other to feel what had ripped through my pants.  The fur was already on this…

My heart sank into the floor.  I jerked my head around and looked.  From the small rip in my pants, was a long cat’s tail.  In my fear, I shot out my other paw and felt it.  I tried my best to keep my balance, but my back paws were not keeping my body up.  I shot my front paws in front of me as my spine snapped its way into place.  My body hit the floor with a soft thud.

“Hef... me.  Please.  I don wan be…” I groaned, “a cat.”  

I watched as my face started to stretch forward into a feline muzzle.


My voice had changed completely.  Why had this happened?

The old lady.

The mint…  

I gave one last cry of humanity as I lost control of my body.
my second tf story... made some improvements over my last one.
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