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November 23, 2008
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“Hey asshole, leave me alone.” I said as I was getting off of the tour bus.
“Sonny boy…you need one of these for your trip.” Some crazy old guy said as he held up a small bag that said “Australian Tea Tree Oil.”
“Oh yeah?” I asked. “What the hell is it?”
The old man laughed. “It’s a remedy for common acne that travelers get from here.  Odds are, you’ll get it soon.”
I sighed and grabbed it from the old man.  “How much for this shit?” I asked angrily.
“Oh…its free, I can see it in your eyes.” He said to me
“See what?” I asked nervously.
“Nothing, you’ll find out soon.” He said and ran off. I looked in my hand at the bag. I walked over to my hotel and got into my room.  I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked down at the bag and opened it. I poured out some of the medicine on my hand and rubbed it on my cheeks. I felt a cold chill run down my body. I felt good for a few seconds, then felt my stomach wrench in pain. I screamed and grabbed my stomach and fell onto the ground. My body was breaking into a hot sweat and my clothes were getting really tight. I groaned and tried to lean back up and stand up against the sink. Suddenly I felt my spine crack. I screamed and fell back to the ground. “What’s going on?!” I cried. My pants were getting really tight on me and I felt a pressure grow slowly on the back of my jeans. “Oh god…. What’s happening to me…?”  I heard a slight tearing noise and felt my heart sink to the floor.  My spine was growing. What was going on?!
The pressure was unbearable as my pants couldn’t take it anymore. They ripped and I felt a huge relief as I felt my spine slap against the ground with a large smacking noise. I slowly turned my head around to see what it was.  
“Oh my god!”  A large tail, covered in light brown fur was sitting on the ground, connected to my back.  It suddenly moved and flopped around. I couldn’t control it.  I went to touch it, but felt my hand go numb and I watched in horror as my fingers grew closer together. I tried fighting it, but it was impossible. “Oh god, someone help me!” I cried out.
My fingernails grew darker and painfully grew out into small claws.  I looked at my palms as I could feel them grow number as small pads grew onto them. Soon they looked like animal paws.
“Someone, please help me! I’m turning into an animal!”
Suddenly my feet were consumed by pain as I could feel the bones crack and pain erupted inside my shoes. They were getting so tight. “Oh god.. I have to get these things off!”  I tried bending down to get the shoes off, but the pain in my spine, and my tail constantly wagging about, it was so hard trying to get them off.  The pressure was unbearable, and the pain was excruciating and I could feel my feet elongating.  “Oh god! It hurts so much! Someone help me!” I looked down at my shoes and could only watch in horror as the shoes began to tear and I watched at used to be my feet, but now they only looked like animal paws.  It was getting hard to stand normally. I held the sink counter and looked in the mirror and watched my body continue to change. Then I realized what was happening.  I was turning into a kangaroo.
“Oh…Oh God..” I felt fur growing all over my body.  My shirt was tearing from the back from my spinal cord jutting out into a kangaroo position.  My hind paws were growing claws and from how I was standing, they were tearing some of the carpet I was standing on. My hips were growing, it felt like they were being split apart. My pants were tearing more and more and when they finally tore off, the pressure relief was amazing. I screamed out in agony and then my tail was wagging around uncontrollably heavily. Then I felt my ears grow longer and I could feel them moving  slightly towards the top of my head.  My arms were shrinking and were becoming less mobile. It began to hurt holding onto the sink. I had to let go to ease some of the pain.
Then I could feel my skull jut out into a long snout. My skull was being split in two. It was unbearable. I cried out for help one more time, but by then, my voice was fading away from a human sound.   I could feel my mind slipping away from me.. I was losing control of everything.
this is something i wrote real quick today just so you know that i'm not dead.
dont expect anything amazing
i just needed to write something XD
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I like how you did the uncontrolable tail thing, i do a ton of transformation role plays and im always using that, first time a saw someone use it in a story
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wow these are really good!! youve got to keep on writing the cat ones though, theyre my favs!
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thanks for the favorites, didn't think i would get favorites outside of the fandom :P
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i actually have a donkey tf that i wrote that i haven't posted...i'll have to post that one soon. do you like donkey tf's? :O
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to be honest, i dont know! but i'll bet itll be really good!
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