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October 11, 2006
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Lion TF

I groaned.  I had felt like shit all day.  My entire body ached from the second I opened my eyes, and it hadn’t stopped even now.  I stood at 6’2 and had dark brown hair and eyes.  Today though, it seemed as if I had shrunk an inch or two as I looked into the mirror and saw my half asleep face for the first time that morning.  I just passed it off as the aching had started, plus, I was still half asleep, so I continued with my morning and got into the shower.  After I was done, I looked at my clock… 6:25.  I still had plenty of time to get ready for work.  I lived alone which had its ups and downs, as does everything.  I got my clothes on and walked out of the front door, my body still aching.  It hurt, but I knew my boss wouldn’t let me pass work just for some aching muscles.  
I sighed as I turned the ignition and as I pulled out of the driveway.  When I had gotten to work, I was greeted by the boss.  
“Oh, Kevin… you don’t look so well.”  He told me.
I shrugged.  “Do I ever look well?”  I said with some laughter in my voice.  The boss laughed along with me.  
“Well, if you start to feel any worse, you can take the day off.”  He told me with a somewhat stern voice.  It had raised my hopes of getting off today, but if anything worse should happen, -which I highly doubted- it’d have to be pretty bad.  I nodded to my boss and went to my desk and started to work.  The time was 8:30.

The aching had gotten a little bit worse every two hours.  By 12 o’ clock, it had almost gotten too much.  I got up and sprinted toward the bathroom.  I heard the boss call my name in some sort of worriment. I didn’t pay attention to him.  
I set my hands on the bathroom sink and breathed heavily.  Sweat began to pour from my forehead.  I looked at my left hand.  There seemed to be some yellow fuzz on my fingers.  I used my other hand to try and shake it off, but it wouldn’t budge.  I soon noticed that it was on both of my hands.  I looked at my palms as the fuzz began to expand from the tips of my fingers down.  On my palms, light black spots began to grow.  My heart began to race at incredible speeds.  What was happening to me?  I ran out of the bathroom and ran into my boss.
“What’s the hurry?  Oh, Kevin, you’ve got something…”  He pointed at his left cheek.  I raised my hand and felt around the spot.  It was more of this fuzz.  What was this?!
“Oh, Kevin… it’s on your hands too.”  
I shook my head and ran toward the buildings front door.  I got into my car and sped my way home.

By the time I got inside my house… the fuzz had spread across most of my body.  It now covered my arms, and the black spots on my hands were now recognizable… they were animal paws.  I could soon feel the same pads grow on my feet as well.  I groaned.  My toes began to push against my shoes and I started to struggle to get them off.  I reached my hands down to untie the laces, but to my horror, I saw that my thumbs were missing.  They had moved back and became small and useless.  The fur had now covered my entire body.  I could only look in horror as claws burst their way through my shoes.  Animal like paws came soon after.  I gave a whimper as I felt my heels began to ride up my legs, causing me to lose my balance.  I struggled to stay upright, but I soon felt my shoulders starting to rearrange and change its shape.  I couldn’t fight it.  As I was falling down onto all fours, I cried in a panic.  
‘Why was this happening to me?’  I thought as my new paws landed on the ground.  My back paws had now ripped through all that was left of my shoes.  I soon began to feel my hair cover around my body.  My spine started to stretch with extreme pain as I cried as I felt something collide with the back of my pants.  I soon heard the seam ripping and heard a loud rip.  I looked back and saw a massive lion tail swaying back in forth in my eyesight.  The fur began to cover what was left of my face as I tried to cry for help.  My voice was now becoming a mix between my voice and a lions roar.  Tears began to swell in my eyes as I felt the last changes take place.  My skull felt like it was splitting open as I looked in horror as it was stretching in length and could now easily be seen in my eyes.  I tried to yell once more, but still, nothing but a roar.  My human thoughts still remained intact, as I ran around my house crying and begging for some kind of help.
But it was too late.  My mind began to think of only simple things… feed, mate and kill.  I gave one last cry of humanity as I felt my body slipping away from me….

This is my first TF story ever... so, don't neg me.
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Razzor5 Mar 24, 2014  New member Student
Awesome dude
ErictheLucario Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's actually pretty good.
thanks :) this is so old i'm honestly still surprised anyone reads it xP
ErictheLucario Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I was searching "Lion TF" and it appeared! It's honestly pretty impressive, for a first go.
As this is your first Transformation story, you could rewrite this with more background on why the transformation started and you could adapt on the description. Then maybe a longer ending with his instincts? :P
For the most part, i believe i'm done writing. but if i ever do come back, i always liked the idea of a completely random TF that happens to someone. it's always been my favorite. (: that was always my intention when writing the story.
Oh ok :)
Maybe write a brony tf if you decide to write again?
u can base it of my pic?
Not very likely,, sorry to dissapoiny
Setengah-Naga Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
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